Vanilla Bean
Mint Chip
Salted Caramel


We’re celebrating National Ice Cream Month by bringing the Alden’s Ice Cream Social to cities across the Pacific Northwest. Join us for a sweet treat, backyard games, and the chance to win your very own ice cream social, complete with a visit from the Alden’s Truck!


6/27   Waterfront Park (11am-4pm)

6/28   Hawthorne District (11am-4:30pm)

6/29   Rose Garden Children’s Park (2:30pm-4:30pm)

6/30   New Seasons (Williams 11:30am-2pm; Slabtown 3:30pm-6pm)

7/2      Waterfront Blues Festival (11am-4:30pm)

7/6      SW Trails (10am-3pm)

7/7      Pioneer Square (12pm-6pm)

7/8      Pioneer Square (12pm-6pm)

7/9      Waterfront Park (11am-4:30pm)

7/15     George Rogers Park (10:30am-4pm)

7/16     Cathedral Park Jazz Festival (11am-4:30pm)

7/17     Director Park (11am-4:30pm)

7/27    Waterfront Park (10am-3pm)

7/28    New Seasons Arbor Lodge (11:30am-4pm)

8/4      New Seasons Mountain Park (11:30am-4pm)

8/5      New Seasons Slabtown (12:30-5pm)


7/20   Near the Space Needle (4pm-6:30pm)

7/21   Whole Foods Westlake (11:30am-2pm)

7/23   Bite of Seattle (11am-8pm)

7/24   Pike Place Market (10am-1pm)


7/31  Market of Choice Willamette (11am-2pm)

8/1    Market of Choice Delta (10am-1pm)

Can’t join us a tour stop? Get a coupon and enjoy your own Alden’s Ice Cream Social at home!

Because we never know exactly what the Northwest weather will bring, locations and timing may be subject to change.